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CAE focuses on training of both mediators and arbitrators. Through its institutional partners worldwide we organized and/or already participated in following events:

  1. CPR III Annual Brazil Business Mediation Congress
    24/04/2015 - Sao Paulo - Brazil
  2. Myanmar EBO Global Meeting in Yangon
    14/11/2013 - Yangon - Myanmar
  3. Lecture: "International Commercial Arbitration"
    11/11/2013 - Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil-Germany
    Speaker: Bruno Mirabile
  4. 9th Technical Brazil Seminar: "How to Avoid or Solve Conflicts"
    04/09/2013 - Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce
  5. International Conference "Mastering the Challenges in International Arbitration"
    29-30/08/2013 - Grand Hôtel, Stockholm
  6. CAE-Eurocamaras Chairman Renato Pacheco Neto participates in CAM-CCBC Chilean Brazil Seminar on Arbitration and Investments
    11/07/2013 - São Paulo
  7. Renato Pacheco Neto held a CAE-Eurocâmaras presentation at the DG Enterprise of the European Commission (EU) in Brussels together with other Board Members of EBO
    24/06/2013 - Brussels - Belgium
  8. 2013 Annual Global Meeting of EBO WORLDWIDE NETWORK
    24/06/2013 - Brussels - Belgium
  9. Eurocâmaras and CAE General Assembly
    13/06/2013 - Spanish Chamber of Commerce
  10. CAE-Eurocamaras Chairman Renato Pacheco Neto welcomes at SwedCham Secretary General of SCC Arbitration Institute
    15/05/2013 - SwedCham
  11. CAE-Eurocamaras Chairman Renato Pacheco Neto held presentation at SEJUBRA
    14/05/2013 - SEJUBRA
  12. Lecture: "Arbitration: Alternatives to Corporate Dispute Resolution"
    28/11/2012 - Spanish Chamber of Commerce
    Guest Speaker: Renato Pacheco Neto
  13. Seminar: "Arbitration in Action: In Germany and in Brazil"
    27/11/2012 - Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil-Germany
    Keynote Speaker: Renato Pacheco Neto
  14. CAE-Eurocamaras Chairman Renato Pacheco Neto represented CAE-Eurocamaras in the execution of Cooperation Agreement with Eurochile
    03/09/2012 - Santiago - Chile
  15. CAE-Eurocamaras in SEJUBRA
    03/07/2012 - Frankfurt - Germany
    Guest Speaker: Renato Pacheco Neto
  16. EBO Annual General Meeting in Brussels
    26/06/2012 - Brussels - Belgium
  17. CAE-Eurocamaras participates in 5th Global EBO Meeting in Sydney
    30/11/2011 - Sydney - Australia
  18. Lecture: "Mediation and other ADR methods"
    03/10/2011 - EMAG TRF-3th Region - Campinas
    Speaker: Renato Pacheco Neto
  19. Participation in the X International Congress of the Brazilian Arbitration Committee
    18-20/09/2011 - Brasilia
  20. Lecture: "Europe - The Largest Partner of Brazil: Investiments, Trade, Arbitration, Contacts and Data"
    16/07/2011 - Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil-Germany
    Speaker: Ana Paula Zacarias
  21. Lecture: "Soluções Alternativas de Conflitos: Arbitragem em Direito Tributário"
    20/06/2011 - EMAG TRF-3th Region - São Paulo
    Speaker: CAE-Eurocâmaras Chairman Renato Pacheco Neto
  22. The Future of Arbitration Seminar - 10 years of CAE - Eurochamber's Mediation and Arbitration Chamber (2001-2011)
  23. Lecture on International Arbitration Improvement Trends
    27/05/2010 - Swedcham - São Paulo
  24. Participation in the ICCA Rio 2010
    24-26/05/2010 - Rio de Janeiro
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